It is observed that all the women in this area are only depending upon agriculture. Agriculture is a common source for their livelihood generation. During last 3 years, there are large number of people including women were committed suicide in A.P. as due to banana, cotton, rice and other millet crops failure because of application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which makes soil infertile. And majority of women farmers are depending upon the seeds those available in the local market instead of traditional seeds that available in the local areas. All these farmers are depending upon external inputs rather than their own and traditionally improved inputs for their agriculture. This type of situation is led them to get continuous loose in their productivity and majority of farmers were ending their lives along with their family members as due to this drastic situation.

In this meanwhile, as an action oriented Organization – RDWS has taken steps to stop the suicides among the formers of the 20 villages in Pachipenta Mandal of Vizianagaram district by offering organic system of agriculture methods like promotion of vermicomposting technology and seed bank concept etc. In this area with women farmers for sustainable organic agriculture. This Vermicompost will help these women to reduce expenses on external inputs and makes their soil healthy forever.

In order to help these women, RDWS has chosen Vermiculture is solution for their problem in agriculture. Vermicompost is the compost/manure produced by earthworms. In recent times Vermicompost has gained popularity and is in great demand because of its eco friendly nature and low cost. Earthworms produce good organic manure by degrading various organic wastes. Earthworms consume waste material, digest and defecate. This fecal matter is termed as Vermicompost. Vermicompost is a rich source of plant nutrients and is a good manure especially for paddy and other crops and vegetable cultivation. Vermicomposting is a enterprise not only provides good manure for once own farm but it will also supplement the income when sold in tons to other farmers.

This year, we have been successfully organized a campaign on Vermicompost Technology with 60 small and marginal women farmers in 20 of target villages. We have conduced village level meetings and we are also organized a two days training on Vermiculture for all the women farmers. Resource persons and government officials were explained about the advantages of organic agriculture and preparation and application of Vermi compost in their farms for effective and yieldable agriculture. All these 60 women farmers were realized about the necessary of organic manures and they had shown keen interest about preparation and usage of Vermi compost for their agriculture development. This year, we have been successfully installed 60 Vermi compost pits in 20 of our target villages. There are 60 women farmers and their families were benefited through this project. A demonstration unit has been constructed at the premises of our field office for demonstration and training. There are number of farmers from different villages were regularly visiting this center for having an exposure.