Illiteracy is the basic problem of rural poverty, rural indebt-ness and exploitation. RDWS is chosen adult education for women as an entry point. We are working since last one year in the field of awareness education on freirian methodology. The key-board concept of illiteracy is focused on the issues of oppressed and poor. The RDWS – Adult Literacy programme has been effectively implemented through 20 centers in 20 villages through trained Women Animators. And we are successfully turning out atleast 36 women literates from each center.

There are one Adult Literacy Center for each village with 36 illiterate women in the age group 18-45 years were admitted and imparted with reading, writing skills in their native language Telugu. This programme is only for 24 months with continuing education process. As within 24 months, all of the 36 women in the village become literates and they will be able to handle their day to day functioning of their SHGs. One Women Animator was already appointed to look after the Center in each village and this animator will also act as facilitator for them to mobilize their locally available resources for their sustainable development. Teaching and Learning material were already supplied to every learner at each center. In the year 2004-05, we had been successfully conducted 20 Adult Literacy Centers in 20 of our target villages under this project. There are 720 women will be benefited through this project.

Our education programmes stress on all aspects of human development including literacy, bring about the overall growth and development of individuals/ communities. It is our endeavor, through education, to provide disadvantaged with skills for self directed learning, leading to self reliance and an active role in their own development and in the development of community/environment.

Our education programs at improving in a wholistic manner, the lots of families/communities, through various developmental measures like:

  • Social awareness, knowledge and motivation,
  • Root cause of the problems and community efforts for long term solutions,
  • Awareness of social evils and social deterrents to development, like superstitions beliefs, cultural taboo etc.
  • Exploitation, injustice and unethical practice,
  • Analysis of social situations and how to solve common problems,
  • Health & hygienic – both personal and environmental,
  • Mobilization of all available local/Govt. resources,
  • Collective actions for community development

During the year, RDWS has successfullyy organized a mass campaign with parents and teacher associations and with SHG’s members on promotion and protection of rights of the child. A Right to education, right to survival and right to participation. This campaign main motto is to ensure every girl child to enjoy her lost child hood. Cultural activities were organized in traditional form to get the positive attention of people on the protection of rights of the child in a meaningful way. We are also conducted a mass enrolment campaign that every girl child in school instead of child labour. During the campaign wall posters and banners were displayed in the project area to ensure participation of local people with positive motive.

Before starting this project, we had been conducted 4 days residential training programme for Village Women Animators on principles and teaching methods of Adult Education. During this training, all the animators were taught about various skills and methods of community development as well as concept of self-help. There are 4 experience resource persons were taught about various aspects concerning women development. All the 20 Village Women Animators were equipped with good communication skills and they are almost prepared for taking up activities for sustainable women education and empowerment in their respective villages.