RDWS is interested to continue and take up projects for the sustainable development of tribal’s traditional fishing communities and slum dwellers. It is also focusing its work on prevention of AIDS; support to the vulnerable groups like single women, women headed households who lack resources and support from any able bodied person and have the burden of dependents; street children; disabled; and the Aged. Further it is also working on entitlement of both human and legal rights to the people and mainly to the above communities and sections of the people. Thus the focus is on traditional communities like tribal and fisheries; certain vital area / issues like HIV/AIDS , vulnerable groups and rights entitlement.

At present RDWS is working at the gross root level directly with the communities in the district of Vizianagaram in north coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is also very actively associated across the state and national level with networks to influence the policy and to take up advocacy work. Thus RDWS is working at micro and macro levels to address the issues, to take up development work and to influence the policies for the target groups it is working with. It is also closely working with state and central governments to take forward the development of the marginal communities and sections.

RDWS is also actively working on population education, reproductive child health and HIV/AIDS. The same work is also carried out in the marine fishing villages and tribal villages. The other important area of work for RDWS is to uplift the lives of the street children, single women, child labour and the Aged. These activities are part of the humanitarian and social responsible work taken up by RDWS.